4th International Theatre Soundscore and Composition Exhibit at World Stage Design 2017

Curated by Erik T. Lawson

 The Soundscore and Composition Exhibit features a variety of creative work that may be categorized as “sound design”. This includes, however is not limited to, original music composed for the theatre or dance, excerpts from a theatre or performance soundscore, class projects, performance art, and sound installations. 


Toby Algya   Roger Alsop   Almeda Beynon   Danny Bright   Nela Brown   Bettina Cassar   Lee Cheng   Po-Hao Chi   Curtis Craig   Nicholas Drashner   Todd Hendricks   Jorge Hernandez   Gintas K  Stefan Hristov   Hong Ji   Roger Mills   Cobie Orger   Emma Present   Jorg Schellenkens   Julian Scordato   Liz Solkolak   Anthony Stultz   AJ Surasky-Yasasi   Rick Thomas   Don Tindall   Nancy Tobin   Matthew Williams   Kai Man Teresa Wong   Pete Wyler   Yi-Hsiu Yang   Jing Yin

This exhibit is coordinated by the OISTAT Sound Design Group, and is not associated with the World Stage Design exhibit.