"Sounds Lost And Found"

Recordings collected by members of the OISTAT Sound Design Group for World Listening Day. The theme was "sounds lost and found."

1. "Pontevedra"
Artist: Rick Malone (USA):
Description: This was recorded in May 2008 while touring Spain. We stopped for lunch in Pontevedra on the Northwest coast and stumbled across an event about to begin: The procession of the Feast of Corpus Christi and the blessing of the ships. The procession route on the church grounds was decorated with mosaics made from shells and flowers. The music was bagpipes and drums punctuated occasionally by canon fire. The marchers were in traditional dress. It was a magical event.
There is evidence that Ireland was settled by immigrants from this area, hundreds of years ago.

2. "The Lizard Fog Horn"
Artist: John Leonard
Description: A foggy day on the Cornwall coast, thirty years ago. The foghorn sounds every minute to warn local shipping of the treacherous rocks. Long since
decommissioned and replaced by an electronically generated beep that can be heard four miles away, but lacks any kind of atmosphere. I've been using this recording in a recent production of Long Day's Journey and it works beautifully.

3. "Answer a Couple of Things"
Artist: Erik T. Lawson
Description: A collection of incoming messages from 1997-2001 sampled from an answering machine tape.

4. "Rotterdam Construction"
Artist: Jorg Schellekens (NL)
Description: It's a sound from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, my hometown. The city has a reputation of forever and always being busy building. Not so much to expand as to continue a perpetual cycle of demolishing an building anew, demolishing and building anew. The recording is a two minute take of the construction site of the new Central Station. At the time of recording in 2011 this was such a typical place where the old was being torn down to make place for the new. By now there is a landmark building with almost no reference to it's predecessor except for a few well chosen quotes in the interior design. Of the construction and what came before only the memory remains.

5. "Laptop Connections: 26m 49s"
6. "Laptop Connections: 1h 47m 15s"
Artist: Joe Pino

Description: At the 2007 Prague Quadrennial I was invited to curate an event at the Marysakovo Railway Station. A group of sound designers set up small sound stations in the main concourse and performed for several hours, trading content with participants around the globe (sometimes – the internet was crap which made the connections tenuous at best. This is a recording made on a Zoom H4 with a pair of home-made binaural microphones. I'm walking around the space, visiting each station. Performers/Designers include:
a) Shahrokh Yadegari (USA)
b) Vincent Olivieri, Daniel Baker(NYC)
c) Karen and Patrick Lauke, Kris Popat (UK) 
d) Cliff Caruthers and Kristin Miltner (USA)
e) Ron Shoemaker, Rob James, Rick Thomas, David Swenson (USA), Mark Kammerbauer, Harald Kammerbauer, Harald Muller and Fabian Winkler (DE), Andrea Cohen, Sylvie Combal, Yasmine Akman, Nicolas Perrin, Philippe Mion, Christophe Hauser, and Wiska Radkiewicz (FR).

7. "Tillies Theme"

Artist: Richard K. Thomas
Description: A sound I’ve been thinking about lately that has brought up a lot of memories, a sound lost for forty years, now found. “Tillie’s Theme” is the main theme from my first original music score, composed for Paul Zindel’s Effects of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds at Michigan State University in the spring of 1976. Paul Prappas played one of the guitars, I the other. I don’t know who the singer was. Recorded the old fashion way: guitars laid down on a two track recorder, then bounced to another two track (actually 1/4 track stereo at 7 1/2 ips) while the singer added the vocal (sigh). We adjusted the reverb by moving the singer closer/farther away from the mike in the stairwell. We didn’t have much gear back then.

I had just been exposed to sound design ideas about how to use music to trigger emotions and memories, specifically by using thematic manipulation, repetition, and attachment. This song was the main theme, both for the character Tillie, and in my personal life--my last semester in college as an undergraduate student. Very strong memories, very strong emotions. Me and Paul would dissect the theme to compose the rest of the score, which largely explored Tillie’s journey of self-discovery in the play.

8. "NelaBrown Piano 1 Strings"
Artist: Nela Brown

Back in 2005, a friend of mine was planning to pitch his animation idea to some folk, and needed music to go with his storyboarding. The synopsis he gave me was something along the lines of “In the middle of the night, a silhouette of a man is seen walking slowly through the snow towards a cabin, where all sorts of (scary and unexpected) things are about to happen”.

I remember placing a microphone inside an old upright piano to capture the sound of the keys moving and the strings vibrating (when the sustain pedal is pressed). I remember recording piano improvisations and (very imaginatively) calling them ‘piano 1’, ‘piano 2’, ‘piano 3’ and ‘piano 4’. I remember mixing a short part of ‘piano 1’ recording with some other strings/vocal type textures, adding some spatialization effects and renaming it (again very imaginatively) ’piano 1 strings’. I cannot remember though, if this sound file ever left my hard drive or if the animation pitch ever went ahead.

So here it is, an old unused sound file recorded and mixed in 2005 as an introduction to an animation that (probably) never went into production, revamped for WLD 2016 with the addition of my first and last name :-)