"24 Hour Snapshots"



Original Press Release:

An online exhibition by the OISTAT Sound Design Working Group to celebrate World Listening Day, July 18th 2011.

"These recordings taken by members of the OISTAT International Sound Working Group. This is a piece
created for World Listening Day 2011, For OISTAT's contribution, each member recorded two minutes of their day from the top of one (or two) of the hours in World Listening Day's 24 hour span. The result is 24 individual two minute recordings, taken at the top of every hour of World Listening Day 2011, July 18th 2011. [All recordings times are based off of GMT.]"

Anthony Mattana, curator



12:00 am -A recording done by the beach at Martha's Vineyard, an island south of Cape Cod in New England (Massachusetts) USA. By: Bart Cortright

1:00 am -A recording done of a cat purring and clawing a sofa in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. By: Joe Pino

2:00 am-The stereo recording took place on my back porch @ 2AM GMT in the East Rock neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut, USA. It was a HOT, early morning, with the sun very low in the sky. In the recording you hear my neighbors air conditioner (actually several neighbors), on in particular with the fan slapping the water that has condensed in the bottom of the air conditioner frame. A bus approached and passes in front of the house (engine and air brakes) and after it has passed you can hear my cat, Jamie calling for breakfast at the back door. There are some birds in the BG as well. The bus continues down the street as Jamie continues to call for food. Soon, I brought out his dish and he started crunching away at his meal, with the name tag on his collar, hitting the dish. Soon, another truck passes and my 2 minutes are up. By: David Budries

3:00 am -A recording taken on a sidewalk of Squirrel Hill, a suburban-type neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh (during a heatwave). The recording was late in the evening Eastern Standard time, and many people were at home with their air conditioners cranked up and blaring on the outside of their apartment buildings, or some walking their dogs for the last time of the day. By: Chris Rummel

4:00 am -A recording taken from my balcony in Sydney’s inner west suburb of Ashfield. This is a little sanctuary of calm in a busy city with a large lorakeet (colourful bird) population. The announcing electronic tones are from the local high school located one block up. By: Roger Mills

5:00 am -A recording taken from the hallway of my childhood home in Libertyville, IL a suburb 40 miles north of Chicago. A late night talk show on the television can be heard. As well as the sounds of multiple dogs and cats running up the carpeted stairs. By: Anthony Mattana

6:00 am -A recording taken on the main road of a suburban village in the east of metro manila. One would hear birds chirping overhead with motorized vehicles and bicycles passing by. On the background one would also hear the distant highway traffic with public jeepneys passing by and their barkers calling out destinations. By: Jethro Joaquin

7:00 am -A recording taken near Chichester Cathedral, with clock chiming 8 (BST, of course) and some traffic noise. By: John Leonard

8:00 am -The spot I recorded at is our summer cottage on the lakeside in Eastern Finland. The place is called Kivinokka and the sounds heard are our dogs snooping around the Zoom H4 covered with a wool sock with small waves in the background. By: Janne Auvinen

9:00 am -A recording of a camping site at 7am. This one is a recording of my walk from inside the eucalyptus forest towards the sea. I like it because of the way the background sound of the waves, becomes gradually the foreground and the forest sounds can no longer be heard. I also like the idea of walking through changing landscapes and this change being manifest in the soundscape so dramatically. I recorded the sound using binaural microphones in mp3 format 320. By: Antonis Antoniou

10:00 am -Recorded in my flat and garden, Brighton and Hove, UK. At just before the 10:00 slot my dog was pawing to be let out, and to save an accident, I had to record as I was pulled outside – the end result is a slightly bizarre dog-led soundwalk into the garden behind my flat, then back inside again. By: Danny Bright

11:00 am -The recording is taken of the brook on Brookfield Drive in Worsley, Manchester, UK at 11am. Manchester is currently very rainy and windy, you can hear a few birds in the recording which were on trees directly above the brook and there is a bit of blustering wind noise. By: Karen Lauke

12:00 pm -The recording is of my back garden, which has flooded, creating a great bath for the birds, you can hear some of their wings flapping in the background! By: Kevin McCullagh

1:00 pm -Recorded from my car parked on a side street in Brighton and Hove, UK. As I was on my way somewhere at the time and delayed by traffic, I pulled off the main road into a side street and recorded where I stopped. By: Danny Bright

2:00 pm -A recording of the Threads and Yarns installation, currently on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum of Art and Design in London. The final installation is a sea of flowers over a table top. Nine of the flowers were matched with nine sound bites and made interactive. When one of the nine buttons is pushed on the table, an audio soundbite plays and the flower and its button light up for the duration of the audio. By: Nela Brown

3:00 pm -I went right to the water at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, CT, USA, with a view of downtown across the harbor. The recorder was about 3 meters from the edge of the water and downwind of me. The tide was coming in, about mid-way between low and high tides. Seagulls came to check out what I was doing (interested in my snack), mostly Herring Gulls, immature Herring Gulls, and one Greater Black-Backed Gull. A Cormorant also passed by quite close, but he didn't have much to say. By: Liz Atkinson

4:00 pm -A recording taken from the doorway outside of a ballet studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. By: Joe Pino

5:00 pm -A recording taken streetside in Pittsburgh as well, but later in the day. The primary sound in the recording is children playing in the parking lot of the synagogue across the street from the recording location. By: Chris Rummel

6:00 pm- A recording taken at the Manchester Victoria Railway Station. Sounds of trams arriving, voices and distant train engines running can be heard. By: Steven Brown

7:00 pm- A recording taken from a Paris metro station with train, and malfunctioning door. By: Erik T. Lawson

8:00 pm -I wanted to record something indicative of the time, the season, and my locale. Our area is known for its plentiful waterfalls and it was hot yesterday, so I recorded 2 minutes at the swimming area (15:00-15:02 EST / 20:00-20:02 GMT) at Robert H. Treman State Park in Ithaca, New York. I've included a picture taken from my starting point. After starting the recording I walked toward the waterfall and diving board and then turned around and headed back. You can hear the waterfall, swimmers, diving board, and splashes in the background. It was recorded on the internal mics of a Zoom H4 as a 24bit/48kHz WAVE file. By: Don Tindall

9:00 pm -A recording taken of Bull Beck (a local stream) either side of the bridge over the road, a pipistrelle bat catching the moths attracted to the street light, the village church clock striking 10 (BST) and a car driving away on the wet road. By: Lisa Whistlecroft

10:00 pm -"The Celery Bog is a wetland located in West Lafayette, Indiana. For much of the 20th century the wetland was drained and farmed. Celery, as well as other crops, was grown in the rich peat of the drained wetland. However, the agricultural drainage system constantly failed, which resulted in the termination of farming in the wetland. Thus, part of the former wetland has gradually reverted to wet conditions. The wetland and important nearby sites are now preserved as the Celery Bog Nature Area. This area is listed as a “significant ecological site” by the Indiana Natural Heritage Program and it has become and important park in the area." (http://www.eas.purdue.edu/geomorph/celerybog/). I was very fortunate to have recorded this while the bridge to the main nearby highway was closed for construction. This explains the relative lack of traffic sounds, and perhaps one of the only opportunities to record the natural ambience with a minimum of human disruption. Because it's daylight savings time in Indiana, dusk is still a couple of hours away. Still, a plethora of creatures are warming up for the evening's symphony...  By: Richard Thomas

11:00 pm -A recording take outside a suburban home in Libertyville IL, a suburb 40 miles north of Chicago. It was a very hot day (100+ degrees Fahrenheit), the sounds of crickets and cicadas were incredibly loud. No one was outside due to the heat. However at one moment you will hear the sounds of a neighbor pulling his garbage cans to the curb. By: Anthony Mattana