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General Information


Bibliographies and Links

Richmond Sound Design - extensive collection of articles, papers and links on all aspects of Sound Design and Show Control.

Synaudcon's video on gain structure.

RFVenue has a free ebook on essential concepts for Wireless.


Sound effects online

Immersive FX : John Leonard has been recording sound effects for theater for several decades and recording in B-Format for the most part. This page provides links to his currently available collections. : large online repository of Creative Commons licensed sounds : this site has sounds from most of the commercial sound effects collections and many Hollywood post-production houses/film sound designers available for purchase individually.


Notable Sound Designers and Sound Artists

Nancy Tobin : Canadian sound designer working in theater, dance and  installation art 

Hans Peter Kuhn : German sound artist working in installation art, dance and theater.

Hernoise : resource of collected materials from women who use sound as a creative medium

Scanner : British composer and sound artist working in music, dance, theater, installation art and industrial design.

Carla Scaletti : US sound artist and creator of the Kyma sound design enviornment

Janet Carter & John Miller : Canadian sound and installation artists

EKHO: Women In Sonic Art : repository featuring information on women-identified sound artists in all fields

Ryoji Ikeda : Japanese sound artist and composer

Chris Watson : British field recording artist


Other Links of Sonic Note

Ghost Train : video of student created version of the live sound effects for the 1923 theatrical thriller.