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SDG at the Prague Quadrennial

The Sound Design Group has been actively involved in the Prague Quadrennial since the group was formed.  In PQ03, PQ07 and PQ11, the SDG created projects for Scenofest, which OISTAT coordinated with the PQ.  

At PQ2015, the SDG coordinated and managed the Sound Kitchen as well as participating in OISTAT Day activities.

Scenofest at The Prague Quadrennial

Scenofest was an educational project organized by OISTAT and the Prague Quadrennial. The main goal of the Scenofest project was to create an opportunity for students and young artists from all over the world to meet and exchange ideas among themselves and to interact with some of the top professionals in the field through workshops and lectures.

Scenofest was part of the Prague Quadrennial from 2003-2011. At PQ03 it was lead by Pamela Howard (UK scenographer and educator) and Michael Ramsaur (US lighting designer and educator), and included lectures, presentations and critique sessions with major international professionals. At PQ07,  Scenofest was led by Sean Crowley (UK scenographer and educator) and inhabited the heart of the Industrial Palace where the Prague Quadrennial traditionally took place, becoming the most important project of the event  and bringing strong live energy and ideas of the future of scenography into the Quadrennial.

At PQ11 Scenofest, lead by Jessica Bowles, took over the whole of the Prague Academy of the Performing Arts near the Charles Bridge as well as specific sites in the center of Prague. It included workshops for over 1,500 students in scenography, lighting, digital media, projections, sound design, costumes, puppetry, technical theatre, and many other disciplines.

Scenofest was part of the Intersection project with the support of the Culture Program of the European Union.