3 July 2017

Special Concert Participants announced!

The artists who will be creating the special concert for World Stage Design on Saturday, 8 July will include: Jeremy Lee (US), Nela Brown (UK), Nick Erickson (US), Curtis Craig (US), Mitja Nylund (FI), Roger Alsop (AU), Jorge Hernandez Jimenez-Smith (MX), Yao Liao (TW), Gabriela Sandoval (MX). They will be creating three sounhdpieces about Taipei - "City of Memory", "The Hidden City", and "City of Dreaming" The concert is at 1800h in the Theater and Dance Building in T2103.




17 May 2017

WSD2017 sound schedule available!

The schedule for the Sound events at World Stage Design in Taipei is out. You can download it here or look at the sections on the World Stage Design 2017 page. Check back for updates - things always change at these sorts of events....




25 April 2017

ListenHear date announced

The Sound Design Group's 2017 ListenHear event will occur on July 2, 2017 at roughly 7:30pm in Taipei. Location to be announced. See the ListenHear page for more information about this unique and fun event!



24 April 2017

Sound Kitchen Participants Announced

Twenty-one sound artists from twelve countries will be performing in the Sound Kitchen at World Stage Design in Taipei this summer. Information and the schedule can be found on the Sound Kitchen 2017 page.




24 April 2017

World Stage Design Guest Presenters Announced

Eight international sound artists will be presenting their work at World Stage Design in July:

Chi Po-Hai (TW), Jethro Joaquin (PH), Roger Alsop (AU), Junghoon Pi (KR), Sun Hee Kil (US/KR), Jeremy Lee (US), Yenting Hsu (TW), Duncan Chang (TW). Their biographies, topics of their presentations and the schedule can be found on the WSD17 page.




31 January 2016

4th International Theatre Soundscore and Composition Exhibit call for submissions extended until March 17.

Details can be found at the exhibit page.


28 November 2016

4th International Theatre Soundscore and Composition Exhibit call for submissions

The international exhibit is open to all professional and student sound designers. The work will be exhibited in Taipei concurrent with World Stage Design 2017 and in an online collection. 
The exhbit will feature a variety of creative work that may be categorized as “sound design”. This includes, however is not limited to, original music composed for the theatre or dance, excerpts from a theatre or performance soundscore, class projects, performance art, and sound installations. 
Details can be found at the exhibit page.


3 November 2016

ListenHear 2017 open for submissions

The 2017 ListenHear event at World Stage Design in Taipei is now open for submissions. Visit here to read about it and download information.




1 November 2016

Sound Kitchen Participants Selected

Participants for the 2017 Sound Kitchen in Taipei, July 2017, have been chosen.  There are 19 participants from 13 countries. Once the artists have all confirmed we'll put up a list of the projects.




18 July 2016

World Listening Day: Sounds Lost and Found

The SDG has created a collection of sounds to celebrate World Listening Day 2016.  The playlist is at Soundcloud.



10 March 2016

OISTAT meetings at USITT, Salt Lake City 16-19 March

OISTAT Performance Design Groups will hold their annual meetings at the USITT conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 16-19 March.  The Sound Design Group will give a presentation on our work on Thursday, 17 March at 1pm.  We will hold our annual meeting on Friday 18 March at 4pm.  



1 March 2016

Awards for SDG members

Two members of the OISTAT Sound Design Group will be receiving awards at the USITT conference in Utah this month.  John Leonard (UK) will receive the Distinguished Achievement In Sound Design award for his immeasurable contributions to the field of sound design.  Almeda Beynon (USA) will receive the Robert E Cohen Sound Achievement Award which is presented to an early career sound designer who demonstrates exceptional promise.  Congratulations to both these worthy sound artists.



15 October 2015

TD&T PQ Sound Article published

There is an overview of the sound design activities at the 2015 Prague Quadrennial  in the latest issue of Theater Design & Technology.



24 August 2015

John Taylor Honored by USITT

John Taylor of d&b audiotechnik, who has been a tireless supporter of the work of the OISTAT SDG, received a Presidential Proclamation award from USITT for his longstanding and exceptional support of the Sound Commission. It couldn't happen to a better person.



18 July 2015

World Listening Day 2015 project posted

The OISTAT SDG's project for World Listening Day 2015 is posed on our SoundCloud page.  The theme this year was H2O. 



2 July 2015

World Listening Day 2015 project announced

Curator Chris Rummel sent out the call for submissions for the SDG's 2015 WLD contribution:
Hello All,
World Listening Day is fast approaching on July 18th, and as we do each year we will participate by sharing recordings via the OISTATSWG Soundcloud account on World Listening Day. I would like to invite all of the members of the Sound Working Group to contribute.
The theme this year is "H2O." From the WLD Website:
"World Listening Day 2015: H2O invites you to reflect on water, metaphorically in how you listen, or through creative events inspired by water and sound across the globe. The 2015 theme resonates at a time where we need to shift our collective thinking and actions towards water globally."
There's more on the mission and purpose of World Listening Day at that link. I think it would be great for all of us to submit recordings that revolve around this theme, but if you have something else in your sphere of listening to that you just have to share, that will work just fine too. 
I've created a Dropbox folder that everyone can use to upload their files. If you are interested in participating this year, please contact me directly and I will send you an invite, or you can upload your files to your preferred place in the cloud and send me a link.
There will be a shared document in the dropbox you can use to give any submission information (story, recording info, etc) you want included.  I'd like to put the recordings on SoundCloud two weeks from tomorrow (Friday) July 17th, so we can get the link to WLD central and get it spread around on the 18th.  If you submit it late, no worries as I can add things that come in after Friday. Make sure everything you submit is clearly labeled (ex. Pino_WLD15_loudestburpever.wav) so we can figure out who belongs to what. Let's try to keep recordings in between 2-5 minutes.
Please let me know if you have any other questions. Really excited about this year!
Chris Rummel


25 June 2015

The Sound Kitchen at Prague Quadrennial 2015 was an unqualified success.

37 international artists preformed over three days in the Nova Scena Theatre's Fourth Floor Lobby 22-24 June. The program ranged from composition and soundscore playback to live music and soundscore  performances to installations and a sound walk. Curator Karen Lauke and her team kept the days running smoothly and did some almost magical troubleshooting in a few cases.  People came and went throughout the day, some staying for a single artist while others camped out from start to finish. We'll get a full list of the artists up in the coming weeks as well as photos posted.



21 June 2015

OISTAT Day Celebration was a hit, even with a few unexpected challenges

The OISTAT Day Celebration "Changing Perspectives" proved to be enjoyable and entertaining for all. There were some complications that delayed the set up and then it rained a number of times over the day, which caused a mad dash for the few covered areas, but even with those hitches in the proceedings people seemed to really have fun.  The Sound Design Group did our ListenHear event throughout the day in 15 minute chunks and as always there was a wide range of material presented, from an EDM theater project to a site-specific performance collective.  We will collect the sound presentations and post them once we're back home.



20 June 2015

World Stage Design 2015 officially launched!

WSD2015, which will take place in Taipei Taiwan in June 2017 was officially launched at the Jalta Boutique Hotel in historic Wenceslas Square in Prague this evening. It promises to be a terrific exposition and there was a lot of excitement evident in the room.



27 May 2015

Sound Design Group activities announced for OISTAT Celebration Day: Changing Perspectives, June 20th 2015 at the Naprstkovo Museum, Prague.

The first OISTAT Celebration Day will be on Saturday, June 20th from 12:00-22:00.  It will include presentations, workshops, and performances over the course of the day. The SDG will be creating an installation for the entryway into the courtyard as well as sharing their 2015 ListenHear presentations over the course of the day. Details will be posted when available.



9 May 2015

The Sound Kitchen participants chosen.

42 sound artists from 17 countries have been chosen by curator Karen Lauke for the 2015 Sound Kitchen at the Prague Quadrennial.  The Sound Kitchen will take place at the Nova Scena Theater in Prague 22-24 May 2015 from 10:00-17:30 on each day.  The presentations will be no more than 20 minutes in duration each.  A schedule of performers and times will be posted as soon as it is officially published.



16 February 2015

The annual Sound Design Group Meeting will be Thursday, 18 June 2015 at the Clam Gallas Palace, Prague.  

The meeting will take place in the Little Lecture Hall on the 2nd floor, 12:00-14:00.  The Performance Design Annual Meeting and the election of a new head of Performance Design will immediately follow in the same location.  Details and agenda will be available at a later date.


13 February 2015

Sound Kitchen proposals under review.

Over 80 proposals were received for the Sound Kitchen. The proposals are currently under review and chosen participants will be notified by the Prague Quadrennial in the next few weeks.  We'll post the schedule and the participants as soon as the information is available.


1 January 2015

The Sound Kitchen at PQ15 is accepting proposals through January 15, 2015

The call for entries in the 2015 Prague Quadrennial's Sound Kitchen are now being accepted.  

Dr Karen Lauke, the Sound Kitchen curator, invites all interested practitioners to submit proposals for live performances in Prague 22-24 June, 2015.  Performances should be a maximum of 20 minutes and can be sound compositions, music compositions, sound art, sound installations or sound design pieces performed using a laptop computer, live instruments, self-built or circuit-bent electronics, smartphone, tablet computer, etc.

We especially encourage (but are not limited to) applications which reflect the following:

  • work which has been previously developed for a performance or theatre piece
  • work which involves participation through the internet from collaborators elsewhere in the world (a Wi-Fi or wired connection will be provided at the venue)
  • work that includes field (location) recordings made in Prague during PQ time period.
  • work which is linked to the main theme of PQ15: “SharedSpace: Music Weather Politics”

Detailed information and applications can be found at the Sound Kitchen Website.