Stefan Hristov


Working and living in Sofia, Bulgaria - Stefan Hristov (b.1982) is one of the 101 most influent contemporary artists in Bulgaria (The Bulgarian Nouvelle Vague 2011), best known for his life performances in experimental, idm and ambient music genres. He was studying jazz and classical trumpet and played together on stage with popular bands like Wax Tailor, Mad Professor, De-Phazz.

As a composer he was nominated in 2011 in category Best music for theatre performance by the Bulgarian Theatre Academy and the Bulgarian Union of Actors. Since the last 10 years he has composed the music for many contemporary and alternative theatre pieces, movies and art performances, such as Operville by Ivo Dimchev – Best Bulgarian contemporary performance for 2016. Some of his compositions takes part of NASA UHD TV channel with documentaries from space.

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