Nela Brown


Nela Brown is an award-winning Croatian musician, composer, sound designer, researcher and educator based in London, UK. She started playing piano at age of 7 and over the years enjoyed spending time being immersed in classical music, jazz and sonic arts studies alongside engineering and computer science. Besides writing music and playing in rock bands, in the past 10 years she also used coding, software, hardware and electronics to hack into toys, compose electroacoustic music and design sound for numerous award-winning national and international projects, from theatre productions and dance to mobile apps, interactive installations, films and documentaries. In 2014, she started Female Laptop Orchestra (FLO) with the aim of bringing together an eclectic group of female musicians, composers and sound artists who use technology as part of their artistic practice and want to explore co-located and distributed collaborative music making within different contexts and across different geographical locations. 

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