Lee Cheng


Lee CHENG is an interdisciplinary artist-teacher and researcher. He graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science), and The Education University of Hong Kong with a Doctor of Philosophy (Interdisciplinary Studies - Technology in Music Education). He is currently working as a Post-doctoral Fellow of the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts at the Education University of Hong Kong, serving as the director of the iLOrk, a digital arts group (www.ilork.com). He attained the London Trinity College LTCL for flute (Distinction) and LMusTCL (Distinction) in 2013 and 2011. He is a member of the Hong Kong Composers Guild (HKCG) and the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH). His research and artistic interest interdisciplinarize music, multi-media, technology, and education. His works and articles have been premiered and published in various international exhibitions, conferences and journals.

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