History and Mission of The Sound Design Group

The Sound Design Group was established by the Organisation Internationale des Scénographes Techniciens et Architectes de Théâtre (OISTAT) Performance Design Commission (formerly known as the Scenography Commission) at its annual meeting in Bregenz, Austria in 2000.  The SDG falls under Performance Design Commission which also includes the Lighting Design Group, the Costume Design Group and the Scenography Group.

Our primary objective is to foster and support international professional relationships and knowledge sharing. We are committed to exploring opportunities to exhibit and promote performance oriented Sound Design & Composition world-wide. Our desire is to share the enormous amounts of audio, experience and resources (written and practical) held by the working group in order to make these more accessible to interested parties in whatever way we are able.

The current head of the SDG is Joe Pino and the associate head is George Christou.

The Sound Design Group is open to any member of OISTAT. For information on your country's OISTAT Center, OISTAT associate organizations or individual memberships, please visit the main OISTAT website.

The SDG has an annual meeting as well as several virtual meetings though-out the year. The SDG uses a Yahoo Group for general group communication. Membership to the Yahoo Group is restricted; visit the site to send a request to join.

The SDG was led by Richard K. Thomas from 2000--2007 and by Steven Brown from 2007-2013. Their collected effort, commitment, dedication and wisdom helped shape the group in its first decade and we wish to thank and recognize them for their leadership.